Coal Country Coffee Co.

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  • Coal Country Coffee Co. Locally brewed in Bismarck/Mandan

    Lignite - If you are looking for a way to generate a day full of energy, look no further. This smooth roast will amp up your megawatts for a more productive and efficient day.


    Steam Engine - Make sure to start your day off on the right track with this highly caffeinated light roast. Its just the ticket to keep your day chugging along.

    Boilermaker Blend - This medium roast will go down as smooth as a shot of whiskey followed by a beer chaser, and it will certainly keep your hard hat on all day.

    The Sportsman - A coffee that every sportsman will love. It has hints of windswept prairie, freedom, ND sunrises, and adventure. Its a coffee fit for a legend and sure to be the perfect addition to tall tales. MEDIUM-DARK ROAST

    "We love coffee.  It's our passion, so we began roasting with one thing in mind which is to roast premium coffee and share our great coffee with friends.  We use high quality product, roast in small batches, roast to order for the freshest flavor possible.  We are a family owned company and believe you don't have to be HUGE to be a GIANT"