About Us

Welcome to my store and thank you for joining my family and me on our journey of self growth, pure GRATITUDE and unending FAITH.   

My most cherished occupation without a doubt has been being a stay-at-home mom to our four children. In 2010, I lost a part of my heart when we lost our 19 year old son, Jared, to cancer.  Through my heartache, I leaned on my FAITH and was blessed with many GRATEFUL moments.  Moments that helped me to realize that we are all blessed with God given gifts and He wants us to use these gifts to the best of our ability.  I learned that our life on this earth is so precious and is oh so very short. This is the beginning of my "new" life chapter. I know that I LOVE new style and fashion.  I know that I LOVE to be around other women and I know that I absolutely LOVE when I can help each of them to feel EMPOWERED and BEAUTIFUL just as God created them.  I also know that because my son, Jared filled my soul with GRATITUDE and PEACE, I will forever live my days on this earth the way God intended.  

I hope that you enjoy hanging out in our store as much as we enjoy creating it daily by adding new found pieces that will definitely put a skip in your step!!  Thank you for being apart of my "new" life chapter.  I am truly BLESSED.
True BEAUTY in a woman is reflected in her SOUL.  




Because of our many GRATEFUL moments and having FAITH in a larger plan beyond our understanding, a very unique clothing line was born. 
Wear the BE Grateful, HAVE Faith line that was inspired by Jared and allow yourself to appreciate all the BLESSINGS your life has to offer.   
Life is SHORT, enjoy the moments!!
The Jacob family