Oola Tea Jars

Oola Tea Jars

    OolaTea is a collection of premium loose leaf organic teas specifically formulated to be infused with essential oils. Pairing our proprietary tea blends with essential oils creates an unprecedented tea experience. All of our teas meet the rigorous standards to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC and are blended to promote a life of optimum balance and vitality. Through our Rice Bowls partnership, every bag of OolaTea purchased provides one meal to a child in need because giving back is Oola.
  • 50 SACHETS



  • Speeds Up Metabolism, Enhances Physical Performance, Natural Energy Boost
    • Drink morning, mid-day, or whenever you need a natural energy boost
    • Add 1 loose leaf pyramid sachet to 8oz of near boiling water
    • Steep for 3-5 minutes
    • Add 1 drop of verified consumable peppermint essential oil (NOT INCLUDED). 
  • With the first sip, this bold combination creates a multi-sensory rush to invigorate the body and support the energy necessary to seize the day.
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic black tea and organic peppermint


Daily Detox - Dragon Clove

  • Increases Fat Burning, Improves Digestion, Natural Anti-Inflammatory
    • Drink every morning upon waking
    • Add 1 loose leaf pyramid sachet to 8oz of near boiling water
    • Steep for 3-5 minutes
    • Add 1 drop of clove-based verified consumable essential oil (NOT INCLUDED)
    • Consume 10-140 oz of water daily
  • This Organic blend is ideal for those seeking better health, wellness and balance in an unbalnced world.
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea, organic rooibos, organic apple fruit, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic peppercorns, organic cloves, organic cornflower, natural flavoring


Boost - Berry Brulee

Includes: 50 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets.

Sip after sip, indulge yourself with this full-bodied organic black tea that is perfectly balanced with organic strawberries and blackberries. But don't let the sweet aroma and intense dessert flavor fool you. When paired with the recommended copaiba essential oil, this handcrafted tea will provide the necessary boost to clear your mind and prepare your body for the tasks at hand.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic strawberry, organic blackberry, natural flavoring

Benefits: Rich in Flavonoids | Improves Cardiovascular Endurance | Boosts Concentration

Caffeine level: 5/5

Recommended Essential Oil: Copaiba essential oil*

* Essential oils not included. Use only verified consumable essential oils.

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