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About the Designer & Mission

THE BIO: Self-taught artisan, Danielle Brower, started Create Hope Cuffs in 2016 as a means to bring her passions together; faith, family, and caring for a world in need of hope.

Not only do Create Hope Cuffs upcycled, repurposed leather bracelets bring hope to those who wear them, but proceeds also create hope in Swaziland, Africa through Children's HopeChest, an orphan-advocacy organization. Every bracelet helps an orphaned or at-risk child stay in school & dream for a better future.  

With a huge variety of stylish, affordable, inspirational leather bracelets, thousands of women who now wear Create Hope Cuffs are reminded daily to intentionally live their best life from the center of who they are created to be and to never give up on themselves.  This inspires us to continue our mission of creating hope in the world; near and far.  


HI! I'm Danielle, just your average Kentucky-raised gal trying to make a life & living in Minnesota. Uffda! (I've learned it makes Minnesotans laugh hysterically when a southerner says uffda.) 

I've been married since I was 9... okay, 19. For 22 years I've had the luxury of hanging out with my best friend & fellow weirdo, Mike, a born & bred Minnesotan (again, uffda). We have two teenage sons who are the beAst ever. (because some day they may read this)

We've travelled lots of places together, some you may or may not have heard of before: Mexico, Hungary, Swaziland, 'Crazy Town', 'Depression Depot' and my personal favorite, 'The Fire Swamp' where TOUSes live - Teenagers of Unusual Smells. #princessbridefans

I never thought my journey would also include Mount Entrepreneurship but I'm so grateful for the opportunities I get every single day to see people inspired and encouraged through my jewelry designs. And knowing my little friends in Swaziland are getting an education & have hope for a brighter future... well, it doesn't get any better than that. 

Thank you for joining the journey! 

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